Ready for Sunshine.

Today was busy.

I ate a quick lunch with foca. 

At 1pm I got the weird shaky Bootcamp feeling. Strange.

Today was an odd day.

I’m ready for the sunshine to come back.

This is not a poem.

Breakfast: Van. Alm. Shredded wheat, almond milk, banana.



Lunch: Brown rice, spinach, cucumbers, and seaweed salad.


Panera bread! It was warm and delicious! My boss gave it to me…


Snack: Apple and half a ww tortilla with a laughing cow wedge.


Frozen veggies+

Blog Pictures 001


Blog Pictures 002

BBQ sauce+jalapenos+

Blog Pictures 003

toasted bread+veggie burger= DINNER.

Blog Pictures 004

After I decided not to go to the gym, I watched Modern Family and ate handfuls of shredded wheat.


It’s only 10:11 and I’m ready for bed. I won’t argue with my body…



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