What’s In A Weekend?

Lots of food and fun people! That’s what was in my weekend :)

I had dinner at Baja Fresh with my parents on Friday before my mom and I went to see Godspell.

Blog Pictures 002

I love that they give you free chips and access to the salsa bar. We had pico de gallo and a new pineapple salsa! YUMM!

Blog Pictures 001

I ordered the Mango Chipotle Chicken Salad (Tortilla shell filled with Romaine lettuce, chicken, avocado, Cotija cheese, mango salsa, and a chipotle glaze. Served with chipotle vinaigrette). I got the chicken and cheese on the side for my dad to eat.

Blog Pictures 004 

Blog Pictures 005

My parents ordered veggie nachos to share.

Blog Pictures 006

I ate all my salad and some nachos. SOO GOOD! We said goodbye to my dad and headed to church for the play!


Blog Pictures 007

It was really good to see everyone! The kids did a really great job and it brought back a ton of awesome memories :)

I headed home after dropping my mom off because I had a breakfast date with z on Saturday morning at 9:30!! We went to Starbucks (soy misto and a banana!) and sat on the steps of the Portrait Gallery! What a gorgeous day it was! After breakfast, we stopped by the Verizon Center store to look for some Capitals t-shirts. We walked back to my place and I grabbed my stuff so we could head over to z’s house.

We went grocery shopping because we were making dinner for PREAKNESS ON THE PIKE!  After we put the groceries away, we worked outside weeding, cleaning, sweeping, etc. Then we sat around for a little while. It was so nice to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Around 3 we started prepping all the veggies:

Blog Pictures 008

z made a fresh corn and black bean salad with cilantro, lime, salt and pepper.

Blog Pictures 009

I made the rooster’s beak pico de gallo.

Blog Pictures 010

The G’s got there around 4:30 and the margaritas started flowing :)

Blog Pictures 012

Fajita time!

Blog Pictures 021

My plate with a Corona!

Blog Pictures 014      

Hey little man! Nice shirt ;)

Blog Pictures 016

After we watched the Preakness (all two minutes of it), we celebrated the CD release of The List’s new CD!!!

Blog Pictures 017

We cranked it up and drank some bubbly.

Blog Pictures 018

Congratulations T!!!

Blog Pictures 022

SG made some amazing cookies! The dark ones are vegan molasses oat cookies with raisins! I had five a few…Yum!

Blog Pictures 024

We stayed up drinking Miller High Life and talking! It was so much fun hanging out with everyone. The little man slept in my arms for the longest time and I absolutely loved it <3 The G’s went home around 12:30, then z and I cleaned up the kitchen. I’m really glad we cleaned up because it meant we got to sleep in until…11:30!!! WOW. Since it was so late, we skipped breakfast and made lunch instead.


 Blog Pictures 025

I can’t take any credit for lunch. z did it all and even garnished them!

Blog Pictures 027

After lunch, we walked up the street to get a paper and some coffee. We ran into the G’s at the farmer’s market and we were glad to find out that they slept in too ;)

We sat in a little park reading the paper and drinking our coffee and then it was time for z to take me home.

A little after I got home I had a snack:

Blog Pictures 029

Before I went to the gym, I soaked some brown rice and seaweed in warm water.

Blog Pictures 030

I did two miles on the treadmill, lots of stretching, two leg machines, one arm machine, body bar exercises, bosu ball abs and arms, and squats! Good workout!

Then I headed to the store to shop for the week.

This is what $43 got me at Safeway…

Blog Pictures 032

Two boxes of my new obsession Vanilla Almond Shredded Wheat (coupon), steam in a bag veggies (coupon), baby carrots, tub of hummus…

Blog Pictures 033   

Real Simple magazine (coupon), Health Nut bread, Gala apples, and walnut halves!

Blog Pictures 034

Post-gym appetizer: half a ww tortilla, baby carrots and hummus

Blog Pictures 035

Dinner: Shredded wheat with strawberries and unsweetened almond milk.

Blog Pictures 036

After dinner I started making my seaweed salad. 

Blog Pictures 037

Rice vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, toasted sesame oil, red pepper flakes, sesame seeds, and a pinch of sugar.

Blog Pictures 038  

I can’t wait to eat this!!


I had such an awesome weekend with awesome people :)


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