Layers of Flavor.

I was scrambling to get ready this morning, but still managed to find time to make a parfait!


My parfait had layers of plain NF yogurt, raw oats, ground flax, strawberries, bananas, and agave! So beautiful and delicious!DSCN5122

My layered lunch consisted of brown rice, spinach, tomatoes and pico de gallo.




Mini banana for dessert :)


Apparently my lunch and dessert were sufficient enough so I had to layer another snack in to my day. Rold Gold Tiny Twists are a favorite snack food of mine. Chips and salsa are my number one, but Tiny Twists are a close second!


Carrots, cucumbers and hummus at 5:15. I actually ended up leaving work at 6, which isn’t as late as I thought, but the snack was still tasty :)


I got home, ate 2 cookies put on my gym clothes, filled up my water bottle and headed to the gym for Bootcamp. I figured my late snack and sugar/carbs would give me plenty of strength and energy for class. Apparently I was wrong…

It was a tough class, but let’s be serious…they’re all tough! I was able to do all the exercises, but I was so frustrated by my lack of energy. The instructor could see my frustration and said “Are you mad today?” Yes, yes I was. We did tons of pushups and squats. My arms felt like JELLO. All of a sudden my whole body started shaking and I was feeling like I couldn’t recover, so I stepped by from the exercise and took a breath. That’s when trouble started. I started feeling as though I may pass out (scary feeling) and my body wouldn’t stop shaking. I stepped outside and sat down on the ground, still shaking like crazy…then the tears came. I have no idea what was wrong with me. The instructor asked me if I ate and I said that I did…because I did. I was so mad that I left class 10 minutes early but I knew it wasn’t worth it… What an odd thing. I slowly walked back home after sitting/crying in the locker room for a while. I didn’t feel one bit of hunger on my walk, but I was thankful that I had an appetite shortly after I got home. Maybe my sugar levels or protein levels were down? Who knows…

I had seaweed salad and a layered sandwich (1 slice of Health Nut, hummus, veggie burger, Stubbs bbq, and jalapenos)!

Blog Pictures 002

Blog Pictures 005

I took two swigs of CF DC and put it back in the fridge.

Blog Pictures 004

Dessert/Sugar – Vanilla Almond Shredded Wheat with Unsw. Almond Breeze

Blog Pictures 006  

I feel a lot better after dinner and after talking to z about some exciting stuff. You’ll be happy to know that he is in fact feeling better ;)


much better in an apartment near Chinatown.

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