Dinner Guests.

I woke up late at my parents house Monday morning. I grabbed an Uncrustable for breakfast and threw some stuff in a bag for lunch.

PB on cinnamon raisin bread, carrots and cheese cubes.

Blog Pictures 067

I bought a few things at WF with foca.

Blog Pictures 069

This pear was 0.85 lbs. It was ripe and delicious!

Blog Pictures 072

Blog Pictures 073

Snack: Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuits

Blog Pictures 074      

I took a picture of my dinner (banana oats with chia, flax and cinnamon) and then my friends called to drop off my chairs. I left my food on the table and chatted with the girls…

Blog Pictures 075

Then DLF took my camera…

Blog Pictures 078

The rest of these pictures were not my doing…but they are pretty hilarious.

Blog Pictures 080

Blog Pictures 081   

Blog Pictures 083

Blog Pictures 085

Blog Pictures 088

Blog Pictures 095

The dinner guests have arrived.

Blog Pictures 097

Blog Pictures 105

Blog Pictures 108

Thanks pal.     


Bootcamp was hard and painful and…I won’t skip two weeks in a row EVER AGAIN.




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