Did anyone else know May 4th is Star Wars day??


I had no idea until I heard my coworker chuckling and then she said “May the Fourth be with you!”

Love it. I’m a nerd sometimes and I don’t mind admitting it. I’ve seen all the Star Wars movies…multiple times. I owned R2-D2 underwear when I was 6 and almost got him tattooed on my side when I lived in New Orleans. I said ALMOST, I’m not that crazy.

I <3 R2-D2!


I stopped by my parents house on Tuesday after work. I was supposed to be picking up Fievel…but let’s just say she’s staying with them for the time being (long story). This was the night they take my grandma out for pizza, so I decided to join them.

We started with a basket of fries and I got a side salad.

Blog Pictures 002

Blog Pictures 001

The usual: half cheese, half veggie.

Blog Pictures 004

Hooray for square pizza!

Blog Pictures 005

It was a nice little visit with mom, dad, grandma and auntie M.


May the Fourth be with you! ;)


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