Jazz Fest comes to an end…

Sunday was the last day of the 2010 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

Another great day of music. Throughout the day, we saw Ronnie Kole Trio, Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue, the Davell Crawford Singers, Van Morrison, Blodie’s Jazz Jam, and B.B. King!


WWOZ Jazz Tent: Ronnie Kole Trio – they played “Turkish March” by Mozart. It was genius and super fast. I couldn’t believe the bassist was keeping up!

Jazz Fest 2010 110

Every year (this is my third year!) they have so many different food vendors!

Jazz Fest 2010 113

Jazz Fest 2010 114

Jazz Fest 2010 115  

Jazz Fest 2010 116

BBQ Chicken Sandwich – z got two last year…and two this year ;)

Jazz Fest 2010 117

Trombone Shorty with Bo Diddley in 1990. This is such an amazing (and cute) picture! 

Jazz Fest 2010 118  

Here is Trombone Shorty (and his band) all grown up!

Jazz Fest 2010 119

Jazz Fest 2010 123

Jazz Fest 2010 121

Gentilly Stage

Jazz Fest 2010 122

Jazz Fest 2010 124

They had a really cool artist on stage with them.

Jazz Fest 2010 125

That boy can really work it!

Jazz Fest 2010 126

In the middle of the show, Trombone Shorty said he had a surprise guest for us. I had no idea who it could be…and then I was immediately transported back to high school:

MYSTIKAL! You know… “Shake Ya Ass??” Apparently he’s from New Orleans and just got out of jail after a six-year sentence. Who knew? All I know…is that he commanded that stage and made that place ROCK (or rap?).  I loved it!

Jazz Fest 2010 128

Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue was an awesome show. I’m so glad z got to see them!!

It was about 3pm when Trombone Shorty finished and I was hungry! I’d been eyeing the veggie muffaletta, so that’s what I got!

Jazz Fest 2010 130


Jazz Fest 2010 131

The olive relish was soooo good!

Jazz Fest 2010 132

It started to rain, so we went in to the Gospel tent. We saw the Davell Crawford Singers…but weren’t very impressed, so we left after a few songs.

Jazz Fest 2010 133

Van Morrison was playing so we stopped by his set for a few songs. He won me over by playing harmonica! I’m not a huge fan, but I’m glad we got to see him. He can still rock :)

Jazz Fest 2010 134

We were just walking around and I wanted something to drink, so I got an unsweetened rose mint iced tea! z loves to throw that fist of rock everywhere he goes…

Jazz Fest 2010 137

There were a lot of really neat artists that came to the festival, but our favorite was Kreg Yingst.

Jazz Fest 2010 139

Around 5:30, we knew we had to head to the Blues Tent to get a place for B.B. King. It was PACKED! We ended up standing across the way on a curb, but we could still hear and see everything.

Jazz Fest 2010 141

Eventually we started moving closer…

Jazz Fest 2010 142

I watched the big screen for most of his set. He was so fun to watch because he had cute dance moves, funny jokes and he still plays a mean electric guitar! I loved him <3

Jazz Fest 2010 143

We ate dinner around 8:30/9 at US Prime which is a steak restaurant below the Ambassador Hotel.

Fried green tomatoes? Yes please! We got two orders but I ate most of them ;)

Jazz Fest 2010 146

House salad with Satsuma vinaigrette. MM! Satisfying dinner to end our amazing vacation.

Jazz Fest 2010 147

We watched some of the new HBO series TREME and hit the sack because I was flying home in the morning.

We ate breakfast in the hotel cafe on Monday morning and packed our bags to check out. z dropped me off at the airport (he had to stay one more day) and I was on my way back to DC. I flew from Gulfport to Houston and grabbed a veggie sandwich and chips before my next flight home. I ate half while I was waiting and half on the plane.

Jazz Fest 2010 149

It’s sad when a vacation ends, but I had a really great time. z and I saw some amazing music and had a lot of fun spending time together.

Thanks for my Valentine’s Day present!!! <333


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