Cinco de May-ay-ayo!

Wednesday was Cinco de Mayo and I worked downtown. When I got home…I noticed a package sitting by my door. I recognized the address and knew it was from my RFL (Roommate For Life)!!! She sent me the sweetest card and three things that she’s collected over the past three years!

Here’s a little flashback/ode to my college roomie:

THEN (4+ years ago):

706749093_l l_5b0db59893ce47f229ebd8b0f7dd6368 bar night 004 icing incident 003

Kim's camera yo 005


June 7 047   July 19, 2009 046  July 19, 2009 045 July 19, 2009 058

When we get together it shows that things haven’t really changed that much :)

Blog Pictures 007

Those little plastic things are “Keepers.” We had a blue one in our room for the three years we lived together. It was supposed to keep our room safe! I knew exactly what they were when I ripped open the package!

She also included a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle since I’ve always loved them :) CUTE!

Blog Pictures 006

Lastly, she included Tim McGraw’s children’s book that she had signed for me three years ago. How thoughtful is she??

Blog Pictures 008  

I love KJJ! Thank you so much for the amazing package! I can’t wait for you to come visit!!!


To celebrate the Mexican holiday, z came over for a festive dinner!

Blog Pictures 009

Sautéed peppers and red onions, black beans, salsa and limes!

Blog Pictures 010

I love z’s new Abita shirt! It’s so hip ;)

Blog Pictures 011

Come on, you knew Corona had to be present ;)

Blog Pictures 012   

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! I hope your day was as awesome as mine :)


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