“Veggie” Lasagna.

Ok, I’m back from Jazz Fest, but you’ll have to wait for a recap! I have to bring you back a whole week to last Tuesday when I had dinner with my family at T&K’s!

Here’s Coco, T&K’s pretty lab :)

Jazz Fest 2010 001

Here’s Obama (yes, Obama) my aunt and grandma’s pup!

Jazz Fest 2010 003

Obama cuddling with my dad.

Jazz Fest 2010 021

Some hair braiding…

Jazz Fest 2010 004


My dad called me in the afternoon to check if I was coming so he could make a veggie lasagna for me. He used to always make homemade lasagna growing up. I always remember the freshly cooked noodles laying on the counter :)

The beautiful masterpieces:

Jazz Fest 2010 006

T is supervising the dressing-making process. This is Jah’s special recipe…olive oil, parmesan and black pepper. Hey, he called it a dressing so I didn’t argue ;)

Jazz Fest 2010 007

Jazz Fest 2010 008

Jah is testing the “dressing.”

Jazz Fest 2010 009

My first plate (I did try the “dressing” and it was delicious).

Jazz Fest 2010 010

Jazz Fest 2010 011

This was supposed to be my second helping of veggie lasagna…

Jazz Fest 2010 013         

…that’s when I noticed something strange in my first bite. Not quite the veggie texture or flavor I was used to. So…I peeled back the layers and there inside the gorgeously delicious lasagna…was SAUSAGE!

Me: Uhhh Dad? I thought these were veggie?

Dad: Denise, they are. Don’t be paranoid. Someone probably just switched the spatulas.

Me: No Dad, there is meat throughout. What kind of sauce did you use?

Dad: I’m not sure actually. But you know I wouldn’t have used it had I know what was in it…

Me: Dad, I know. I just wont eat anymore. It was delicious :) I’m over it…

So…I think I ate some meat. I tried not to freak out too much. It was a mistake and my dad did a great job. He put carrots, onions, zucchini, broccoli and tomatoes in there to make it as full of veggies as possible. He’s cute.


Good thing I didn’t eat anymore dinner because Auntie M made a double chocolate bundt cake!

Jazz Fest 2010 014

I picked up some ice cream as my contribution to the dinner…


Jazz Fest 2010 015

I had fun with the kiddie fork!

Jazz Fest 2010 016


Jazz Fest 2010 020

Family fun!

Jazz Fest 2010 022Jazz Fest 2010 023

Jazz Fest 2010 024Jazz Fest 2010 025

Jazz Fest 2010 026Jazz Fest 2010 027Jazz Fest 2010 028Jazz Fest 2010 029            

I always have fun with grandma’s glasses my family!


love. love. love.


missed you mommy, hope you enjoyed Colorado!!


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