Mother’s Clothing.

Well, I didn’t go home last night. I did my cat mom duties and ate some dinner. Then I made the mistake of turning on the Caps game. Game 6 in Montreal. Super intense. The Montreal goalie was insanely good. He had over 50 saves! We lost 4-1 which means…they are headed back to Chinatown tomorrow!! My neighborhood is going to be ridiculous. z and I are definitely going to my neighborhood bar to watch it, so we can get in on the excitement. ROCK THE RED!!!!

I couldn’t peel myself away from the game and by the time it was over, it was almost 10 and there was no way I was heading back to DC. So…I slept over. But, because I didn’t prepare for this, I didn’t have any clothes…so yes, today I am wearing my mother’s clothing. Hey mom, someone already commented on the skirt ;)

The kitty got into bed with me this morning around 4:30 but then whenever I stopped petting her, she nibbled my hand, so…she got pushed out of bed 10 minutes later.

My dad brewed coffee, but I was still in bed when he left. I poured myself a swig of lemonade and then had my coffee with a peanut buttery breakfast.



This was way too much. I was full after 1 1/2 pieces…but I still ate all of it.

For lunch I played the “what can I find in my parents’ fridge” game! I won the “most random choices” award.


Vegetable: Peas with salsa.


Pizza: 1 piece veggie. 1 piece cheese.


Fruit: Clementine and an apple. I ate the apple for dessert!


Lately around 2pm I’ve been reaching for a soda. Today, I grabbed a Propel (thanks parents) instead. Not bad, not great. 20 calories and 4g of sugar for the whole bottle. While diet soda has no “sugar” and no calories…I still think this was a better choice. I already drink tons of water during the day but at least this has a little flava.


Potential Snacks for Snack Time:

Mini Yogurt:


Granola Bar:



I’m headed over to my cousins’ (T & K) house for dinner tonight. My dad is making homemade lasagna (one traditional and one veggie). I’m bringing the ice cream (hehe)!


I really need to get home to DC tonight to clean and pack for Jazz Fest. I almost packed last week but thought that would be a little nuts, but now…I wish I had!


Jazz Fest Countdown: TWO DAYS


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