Pike’s Peak 10k Recap

6:30 came early. It was dark and drizzling which made it harder to get out of bed…

hpants and I made coffee and banana oats to prepare for our race. We contemplated our 10k wardrobe because of the weather and then got dressed. I still had to pick up my race packet so we got there at 7:30 (20 minutes before the race). We decided to ditch our fleeces at the last-minute (smartest decision ever).

With our bibs, time chips and butterflies in our bellies, we headed to the 9-10 minute pace bunch. We found CB and DAP in the same bunch (hi guys!! I’m so proud of you!! Good luck in your half marathon next week) :)

This was hpants’ first race EVER! How exciting!

We were so fortunate that the temp was about 57 and there was NO RAIN :) We started about 5 minutes behind the first group (yay for time chips). We started off at a great pace and felt awesome. Based on the mile markers, it looked like we were running sub-10 minute miles, so we were stoked!

There were a few pesky hills but nothing too bad. It was so cool that they blocked off the northbound side of 355 (Rockville Pike). People drove by honking and cheering. There were also race officials and "fans" throughout the race keeping us motivated.

I was really proud of hpants. She did really great (and she kept me going!).  The last two miles weren’t fun, but we kept up our pace…

We started our final sprint with about .3 miles to go and we crossed the finish line holding hands because…we’re cute like that.


This is the picture my dad took as we were approaching the finish line:


No, it’s not sexy. But who looks sexy when they run?? Seriously…


Just after the race when we met up with my dad and B!


After this picture…I ate as though I’d run a marathon (2 doughnuts and a piece of pizza?)!

We had such a great time doing this race. I was so proud of the both us for crushing our goals:

  1. Finish race. Heck yea we crossed that finish line!
  2. Finish race without stopping. We didn’t even think about stopping!
  3. Finish under 11 minute mile pace. How about under 10 minute mile pace??!!

Here are our official results:


Not going to lie…I’m a little sore.

Also…I ate cookies, chips and ice cream with my dad (banana caramel crunch with banana ice cream at Coldstone – unbelievable). Like I said, my appetite was pretending that I ran a marathon ;)

I was so glad we did it!! Can’t wait to do it next year!


One thought on “Pike’s Peak 10k Recap

  1. I am proud of both of you girls. Your time was great! Keep running and walking. If you let up it’s so hard to get back to it. Take it from me. I stopped running in 1987 and… well you know the rest of the story.
    But, I was at the other Pike’s Peak and it was beautiful.
    Missed so much being there to cheer you on.
    Love you lots and Fievel is doing well.
    Enjoy Jazzfest!
    Love, MOM

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