Muggy Monday!

It’s Monday. A rainy, dreary, muggy Monday. My hair is frizz city and I have felt sleepy all day.

I started my muggy Monday with a bowl of peachy oats topped with granola. Of course, no muggy Monday morning is complete without a hot cup of coffee. I’m working on a new bag of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.


Last night I microwaved a steam bag of snap peas, made a cup of couscous and my own dressing (chili-garlic sauce, rice vinegar, soy sauce, pepper and sesame seeds). I put this concoction in to three tupperwares for the week.

WW toast, dairy and the first sighting of the concoction:



4:30 Snack: 6 peanut M&Ms (from my cube neighbor) and a homemade granola bar with cranberries and apricots


I’m visiting Fievel after work so I can cuddle and feed her dinner. My parents are doing me a huge favor, so the least I can do is go scoop her poop visit!

I’ll probably cuddle with Zeus too and eat dinner there ;)

Hope your muggy Monday is still a good Monday.


I miss my boyfriend.


Jazz Fest Countdown: THREE DAYS


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