It’s Earth Day!

My lunch yesterday was really the only thing worth documenting. After a second trip (in the same day) to the vet, I stopped by Whole Foods for the salad bar. Don’t worry, Fievel wasn’t with me the second time ;)

Even though I had just spend $345, I felt the need to treat myself to an expensive salad? Odd rationale…

I got a mixture of everything: raw garlic kale, tomato/mozzarella, curried tofu, coconut curry buckwheat noodles, quinoa, bean salad, roasted corn, eggplant, and some other stuff I don’t remember. I brought it home and put it over some spinach I had in the fridge.


I also had some chips and salsa :)


I was still pretty sore when I went to the gym last night so I took it easy. I did a two mile interval run, lots of stretching and some arm exercises with 5 and 8 pound dumbbells.

For dinner I ate a ton of grapes, some cereal and dried apricots. I wasn’t super hungry and felt lazy. After I ate, I curled up on the couch with the first Harry Potter book. I’ve finally decided to read them again. After 100 pages, I decided to call it a night :)

My Earth Day breakfast was overnight oats (FF plain yogurt, walnuts, choc. protein powder, chia seeds and oats) in a container that I’m reusing!




Gold Coast Blend – Bold of the Week at Starbucks ;) This was my second to last sticker. Next week I get a “free” pound of coffee ;)




I work with some people that are in different time zones, and so someone scheduled a call for 12pm Eastern (aka lunchtime), so I had 5 springy peanut M&M’s to hold me over.


The call wasn’t very long and I heated up my lunch around 12:30. Roasted cauliflower and brussels sprouts and a vegan Boca burger on whole wheat with Stubbs BBQ sauce!



I love the crispy ones!


Stubbs = my new boyfriend :)


Sprint came to our office today to collect old cell phones for a recycling program. I was more concerned with the cookies they brought…


I ate the two outside ones (YUM). I didn’t eat the striped ones because it smelled like the way-too-sugary cookies we used to get at the grocery store bakery growing up.

I’ve been drinking too much soda lately…I wish I didn’t love it.



What do I do to help green the planet?

  • Reusable bags; always.
  • Recycling; always.
  • I bring my own lunch in reusable containers; almost every day.
  • I lead a vegetarian lifestyle.
  • I try not to drive when I don’t have to. I love to walk and ride the Metro.
  • I use a coffee mug and water glass at work everyday. (Starbucks cups are my one exception.)
  • Brita pitcher. No plastic water bottles for me.
  • I try not to print much at work…and when I do, all old/unnecessary papers go here:


I wish I was more conscious about local food and wish I could afford to buy more organic…I’m in no way a poster child for being super green, but every little bit helps, right??




Upcoming Events:

  • I’m getting sushi with D tonight :) Yum!
  • 10K Countdown: 3 Days
  • Jazz Fest Countdown: ONE WEEK


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