Life Without Condiments…

…would be really boring!


Ah, that’s MUCH better:



I planned on having my Chipotle leftovers for lunch, but forgot them at work! So I threw together this salad (spinach, cauliflower, 2 eggs, and no-salt cottage cheese) after a tough Bootcamp.


I made overnight oats again because they save so much time. This mix had chocolate protein powder in it. No banana today because they aren’t ripe yet!


I love grapes that are cold and crunchy!


We had a group meeting at work today. They provided pizza and soda, but I wanted to eat my own lunch, so I only took a DC:


(Out of habit, I crush my cans after I finish them…does anyone else do that?)

Leftover Chipotle, BBQ tofu and spinach.


At 2pm I ate a banana phone!


At 3:45 I ate Pac Man a babybel light!


I’m a hungry girl today. Yes, I’m already thinking about dinner.


Jazz Fest Countdown: 8 Days


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