I haven’t had overnight oats in a while, so I decided to bring them back.

Plan FF yogurt, chia seeds, oats, splash of unsw. almond milk, agave, granola, and half a banana.


I actually ended up taking my oats and coffee into work with me so I could get on the road.


When I got in to the office today, I’d kind of forgotten about my haircut…until everyone started saying “oh, it’s so cute” “it’s so short” etc. Then my one buddy said something about physiognomy – come again!?!? Apparently it’s “the assessment of a person’s character or personality from their outer appearance, especially the face.” How sweet – I think…?!

For lunch, foca and I grabbed our lunch bags and headed out on foot towards Whole Foods. We took a detour today to stay in the sun, but we made the mistake of walking by Chipotle and it smelled SOO good. Fortunately I had a gift card from the Easter Egg Hunt, so we had Chipotle instead of bagged lunch!

I like the new water cups:


We got veggie bowls!


According to Chipotle Fan, my burrito bowl had a lot goin’ on. Good thing I only ate half!

chipotles cals 

Lunch Dessert #1: Royal Gala


Lunch Dessert #2: Leftover breakfast bananner


At 4pm, I ate half a balance bar. This was my first (and probably my last) time trying one of these. They taste chalky and gross. Kind of what I expected…Good thing I only bought one!



I think I’ll eat the other half on the drive home so I can digest a little before Bootcamp tonight.

I already know what dinner is going to be: leftover Chipotle on a bed of spinach! :)


Hope everyone survived their Monday!


Less than a week until my 10k.


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