Caps, Cupcakes and a Birthday Party!

Saturdate night led us to Clyde’s in Chinatown. z called to make reservations and requested that we be able to sit near a TV to watch the Caps game. I honestly thought they wouldn’t honor our request because we are right next door to the Verizon Center. But guess what…

…they did! We both had to sit on one side of the booth (fine with me!) so we could see the TV.

Blog Pictures 002 

I started off with a delicious dirty martini. Really tasty!

Blog Pictures 001

For dinner I ordered the Mediterranean Mixed Grill Salad (with no chicken) :tomatoes, Portobello mushroom, olives, feta cheese, roasted onions, pine nuts, mixed greens and lemon-oregano vinaigrette. Every bite was amazing. I’d say I ate 98% of it ;)

Blog Pictures 003

Towards the end of the 3rd period we ordered another round. I switched to a Stella. Caps game went in to overtime (they looked like trash until the end) and they ended up winning 6-5! C-A-P-S! CAPS CAPS CAPS!

Blog Pictures 004 

We slept in a little and then I had to get up and start my baking for my Aunt’s party. I had already made the two cakes yesterday, so I took them out of the fridge to take the chill off and then frosted them together.

My lovely two-layer white cake with white frosting (per the birthday girl’s request)! Don’t worry…I don’t plan on quitting my day job to become a pastry chef ;)

Blog Pictures 006


Blog Pictures 007

Yellow Cupcakes with White Frosting.

Blog Pictures 008

z was serenading Fievel ;) Guys with guitars? So hot…

Blog Pictures 009 

Two Dozen Vegan Thumbprint Cookies!

Blog Pictures 011

Filled with blueberry preserves!

Blog Pictures 014 

My aunt never asks us for presents…only homemade cards. This year she got one from me…

Blog Pictures 012

…and one from Fievel :)

Blog Pictures 013

Jah is always the grillin’ man!

Blog Pictures 015

Blog Pictures 016

Blog Pictures 017

Blog Pictures 018

I dug right in to these babies!

Blog Pictures 019

So much food!

Blog Pictures 020

Plate #1: Pita w/ hummus, pickled cukes, deviled eggs, potato casserole, yukon golds, broccoli slaw, veg baked beans and green bean casserole! WOA!!

Blog Pictures 021

Plate #2: I was overly ambitious with this one and only finished about half of it…

Blog Pictures 022

Happy 60th Birthday Aunt K!

Blog Pictures 023

My slice!

Blog Pictures 024 

There was a cupcake in there somewhere too…and lots of Diet Coke.


I was supposed to take today off from the gym, but all that food made me want to go for a little bit. I knew I wanted to get in and out, so I decided to see how fast I could do two miles. I did it in 19:32, but I know I could have done it faster. Felt darn good. Then I stretched my body out like crazy!


Good Sunday :)


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