Saucy BBQ!

The kitty and I made it back home safely. When I got in to my neighborhood, there was no sign of the Nuclear Summit, so I was pretty relieved.

As soon as I brought all my stuff inside, I quickly changed in to my gym clothes. I did a good 3 miles on the treadmill (it was hot in there!) and after some stretching, I did some arms with weights. My fridge was bare, so I also stopped by the store to pick up the essentials.


This morning started at 7 for the beginning of Fievel’s regimen, then I hopped back in bed for 30 more minutes :)  When the second part of her regimen was over, I made myself a bowl of cereal with unsweetened almond milk and some coffee!

Blog Pictures 001


Can you believe I didn’t snack from 7:45 to Noon?!? I drank a ton of water, vacuumed and worked at my computer.

For me, the secret to optimal daily water consumption is a STRAW! I absolutely love this cup/straw combo. Thanks mom and dad Santa!!


(pardon the “no makeup-bad hair-work from home” look)

Red peppers, piece of WW bread with a garlic herb LC wedge topped with sriracha and a huge egg white with ketchup.

Blog Pictures 002

Spicyyyy <3

 Blog Pictures 003

I had a mini handful of shredded wheat, but decided to put the box away before…I ate all of it.

Blog Pictures 004

As a lunch dessert, I chose a pear yogurt instead of more cereal. foca eats this one a lot, so I decided to try it! The pieces of real pear were so good :)

Blog Pictures 007

I have a meeting downtown tomorrow, so I was busy preparing today. Working from home and actually staying busy is a great thing!


z is coming over for dinner tonight! I’m so happy he’s back in town :) A certain girl from Iowa gave me inspiration for dinner ;)

This guy helped too… Ladies and gentlemen, he’s a cook!

Blog Pictures 005

I marinated some tofu (for me) and chicken (for z) in Stubbs BBQ sauce. I baked mine in the oven and did z’s on the George Foreman.

Blog Pictures 002

I also roasted some cauliflower in EVOO and S&P, and made a champagne mango and avocado salsa (so freakin’ good!).

Blog Pictures 003 

To round it out, we made corn muffins with almond milk! It was quite a delicious meal. We both cleaned our plates!

Blog Pictures 004

For dessert, z brought some Dove bars “instead of flowers.” Haha he’s so funny.

Blog Pictures 006

I’m really glad we split this one because it was soo rich!

Blog Pictures 007

After ice cream, we took a little walk around the neighborhood because it was still so nice out. I love that boy :)


Hasta Viernes!


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