I got home a little after 6pm last night and got right to work chopping veggies for dinner. It was sooo chilly in the house so my dad decided to make a fire!

I love the fireplace :)


In an effort to keep cleaning out my parents’ fridge, I chopped up leftover red and white onions and sautéed them with three zucchinis and then added a can of stewed tomatoes. I cooked the pasta and added it to the veggies so the pasta could soak up some sauce. Simple and delicious.

I had some carrots, peppers and a piece of cheese on the side.


After cleanup, my dad threw some Toll House cookies in the oven.


I want this one!


I couldn’t wait for them to cool, so I plopped two cookies in a bowl and ate them with a fork. MMM :) I may have had a third before the end of the night (while watching the Biggest Loser).


This morning was pretty cute. I made myself a bowl of cereal (fruity cheerios and shredded wheat) to eat on the couch with the space heater. I may have had a cookie too…and no, I unfortunately don’t mean a breakfast cookie.


My mom came down, poured herself some cereal and said “can I eat breakfast with you? You’re not watching Saved by the Bell, are you?” Busted… So we watched together and ate our cereal :)


We got dressed and headed up to you know where for our daily fix! Blue ink today.


I ate lunch at my desk around 12:15 today.

Leftover zucchini and noodles with some carrots and bell peppers. So colorful and tasty!


My 3pm snack today:


I’ve been really busy at work and I love it. Tomorrow is a work from home day and Friday is a downtown day :)

Tonight Fievel and I are going back home to DC. I’m looking forward to getting to the gym and getting my routine back! It was a nice break coming up and staying with my parents, but it’s time to go home.


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