Lay off the raisins.

I didn’t get to sleep until close to midnight, but I managed to get some good sleep and was ready for my 7am kitty alarm. My cute fur baby heard my alarm and came upstairs to get in bed with me. <3

Today’s oats had unsweetened soymilk, creamy PB, raisins and mixed nuts.



Mom treated at Starbucks today. Grande soy misto! We also got to sample a piece of their cinnamon cake.


It’s cold and rainy today, so we’re not venturing out of the office for lunch. I brought another random mix today:

Wheat Bagel Thin with a tiny bit of cream cheese and avocado, leftover veggies, a mini babybel, raisins and pretzels.





I think I need to take a break from the raisins. Too much fiber sugar.

Cooking dinner with the family tonight. Maybe the little fur baby will come out of hiding and maybe Uncle Zeus will play nice…


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