Bold As…Coffee.

I ate two bowls of cereal this morning! The first bowl was half cinnamon toast crunch and half Wheaties Fuel with unsweetened soymilk! The second bowl was all Wheaties Fuel with a banana and unsweetened soymilk. I ate it while I watched Saved by the Bell. I love staying at my parents house ;)

After I fed the fur baby and got dressed, my mom, Zeus and I headed to Starbucks!

Before we left, I saw this on the counter… I asked my mom about it and she said “Oh yea, that’s for you!” Funny. She made this card. Isn’t it super cute?? My momma is so crafty!


A new week means a new bold blend at Starbucks. This week is the Café Estima blend. 100% Fair Trade. 100% BOLDEST COFEE EVER. I think this is the boldest one I’ve tried yet. Not bad, just bold. I’m loving this bold coffee exploration…


Hodge Podge Lunch!

A little bit of leftover chili on spinach.


Baby carrots, raisins and honey wheat pretzels. I ate all the carrots but left some raisins and pretzels for a snack.


After lunch, foca and I hopped in her car…and I begged her to talk to the car. So… we called my cell phone! I answered the phone and it had a crazy echo so…I proceeded to pretend I was a rapper and a DJ. We got a good laugh out of it. I’m a child. The end.


foca said something about a soda on the way back to work…she put the soda seed in my head and that meant I needed one too.

I still have some DMD in my stash!


When I got back to my parents house, I went to work cleaning out and organizing their refrigerator. I pulled out some peppers and zucchini to sauté for dinner.


After the veggies were mostly cooked, I added some spinach.


I snacked on these while cleaning and making dinner.


I had half the veggies, half an avocado with salsa, and a piece of pepper jack cheese.


Dessert #1: Raisin Bran with soymilk.


It was way too dark to run outside after dinner, so I did Day 1 of the Jillian Michaels Shred workouts. It was 20 minutes of continuous exercise. It’s no Bootcamp, but it was better than sitting on my bum…


My parents got home around 10 and I knew I was going to have some ice cream with my dad for dessert #2 :)


My mom, dad, little bro and I all sat around the family room and watched House together. Good way to end the day :)


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