Weekend Recap!

z and I ate a quick sandwich and had a Goose Island Urban Wheat Ale before heading out to the 9:30 Club. I love being able to walk there (even if the wind was trying to blow me away)!! We got there, bought tickets and waited in a line that wrapped around the building. The doors opened at 7:30, but the first opening act didn’t go on until around 8:30. Ugh…standing in one place is painful. We ordered beers when we got inside. Yuengling for me and Abita Restoration Ale for zbear!

The first act…wasn’t good…or wasn’t “my style.” Of course there was more waiting around for the second opening act. We went upstairs and sat on the ground for a little to rest our bones. Then Will Hoge came on. He has a completely different band from the last time I saw him. He’s still good, but the band was NOT in synch. They played a few songs I knew and it was pretty good overall, but not even close to the raw talent he used to have.

More waiting and then…NEEDTOBREATHE came on. They started with a banjo…and a harmonica, so I knew I would love them :) And, I did! Great energy, great vocals, great songs! Definitely worth waiting for! z and I had a lot of fun, but we both realized that standing still for a long period of time doesn’t feel too great. As soon as we started our walk home, we felt better!

Saturday morning I got up and fed the cat and had an early breakfast so I could digest before hpants got there.

Banana and almond butter oats with a few walnuts on top.


z left shortly after I started eating breakfast and hpants got here around 10:30. We grabbed our iPods and metro cards and headed out for our mock 10k. The wind was blowing and it was a little chilly, but we didn’t want to wear sweatshirts because we didn’t want to have to carry them. We took the train to Rosslyn so we could pick up the Mount Vernon Trail.

We warmed up really quickly…and then took a wrong turn. Oops… instead of taking the trail in VA, we ended up running back into DC around the Kennedy Center and GW University. Then we went towards the mall and saw the Cherry Blossom Parade while dodging the masses.  We ran for a little over 70 minutes and think we covered more than 6.2 miles, which is pretty great. I was so glad we did it without stopping :) Success!

The walk back to my apartment was our cool down. We re-hydrated and sat out on the balcony before we showered. That shower felt so good! Around 2 we headed down to Busboys and Poets for an epic meal!

First things first – Diet Coke!



The decor was so funky and cool.



We were hungry girls, so we split the Poached Pear salad to start. This salad had a poached pear with mixed field greens, caramelized onions and pecans tossed in balsamic vinaigrette with goat cheese




There were soooo many vegan/vegetarian options on the menu. It was really hard to pick one thing I wanted…


hpants got the Grilled Brie panini and I got the Tempeh panini. We both knew that sweet potato fries were a must!


Creamy, tasty brie.


Smoky tempeh goodness.


There was hardly a crumb left on either of our plates. I can’t wait to come back here and try out EVERYTHING on the menu!

We went shopping after lunch and then walked back for some homemade iced coffees with soy creamer.


We were pretty tired, so we just talked on the couch for a while. Then we decided to do some baking…

Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownies with some chocolate gelato!


YUM! What a nice way to end our 10k run/carb fest day. We decided not to go out and got in bed before 11. We passed out SO fast!

7am Sunday Morning – I was up and ready to start the day. Of course I’m up at 7am everyday because the cat needs to feast. I got great sleep Saturday night. Thank you, Jesus!

hpants left around 8:15 and then I sprinted down to the Mall so I could try and catch my cute runner boyfriend finishing the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler. He told me he was going to take it easy, so I tried to time it perfectly. As soon as I got up to the railing I saw him!!! He had just crossed the finish line. He’s so fast…I’m proud of him for doing it! I think he was glad I found him ;)

After a little stretching, we headed to Starbucks. Tall soy misto please!! We took our coffees to Mt. Vernon Square to find a grassy area with plenty of sun. Have I told you guys I love Sunday mornings??

As soon as we got back to my apartment I made myself some breakfast.

A piece of WW bread with PB and apples!


I ate a quick lunch of veggie chili on a bed of spinach with some avocado and a pickle!


Around 2pm I packed my car and my kitty up so we could head to my parents house. The Nuclear Security Summit takes place this week in my neighborhood, so everything is closed/blocked off.  I didn’t want to have to worry about anything, so my parents were nice enough to let us crash with them for few days.

My dinner consisted of a lot of random snacking: cereal, raisins, pretzels, chips, ice cream, etc.

I like hanging out with my family. Should be a fun week :)


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