Meet The PEEPles.

I was sooo thirsty for cold agua this morning! I was also hungry for an almond butter and blueberry jam sandwich :)

Blog Pictures 007

Blog Pictures 008

I had a meeting downtown today, so I picked up an iced coffee on my way in. I was done by a little after 1 pm!  SWEET!

I headed home and made some lunch around 1:45.

Mixed greens with a little Italian dressing and babybel. Couscous and leftover veggies from last night!

Blog Pictures 009

Mini portion of chocolate gelato with PB chips. That crackberry is never too far away…

Blog Pictures 010

I think I mentioned my PEEP Diorama contest that my office is having. Being the Beatles loving fan that I am…I knew I had to incorporate them. This is the idea that popped into my head…

Introducing: Sgt. PEEPers Lonely Hearts Club Band!

Blog Pictures 013

Blog Pictures 014   

Ok, so I’m not an artist, but I am creative…

Blog Pictures 015

Time to get ready for a play date with SG and baby M :)


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