Rushed Post.

I feel so overwhelmed when I’m behind on my posts…and then I just want to rush through them.

My breakfast yesterday was really quick (AB&J sandwich) because I slept in. So tired.


I ate lunch at my desk. Mixed greens topped with leftover kale/collard greens and a veggie burger. I also had an apple and a seltzer.

Blog Pictures 002

Blog Pictures 003 

Then things went downhill…I had so many handfuls of these today.

Blog Pictures 001

I put the chocolate away but didn’t feel full, so I ate this…ugh more chocolate! Then I felt disgusting. Why, Denise, why?

Blog Pictures 004

I ate my snack around 4:45. Dairy…

Blog Pictures 005

After work I raced home, changed into gym clothes and ran down to Chinatown to meet my parents, grandma, aunt and great aunt. They were in DC checking out the Cherry Blossoms and I wanted to say hi. It was really nice seeing them even though I could only chat for about 40 minutes before I had to go to Bootcamp. I jogged to Bootcamp and barely made it on time.

As always it was really hard. Lots of squats and pushups. We did some different strength training exercises which were tough but I liked them. She changes it up every week and we always get a killer workout.

I knew I had to have a ton of GREENS for dinner due to my indulgent day…

Mixed greens, FF cottage cheese, kale/collard greens, and avocado.

Blog Pictures 006

After this picture, I covered everything with hot sauce and S&P :) YUM!

Blog Pictures 007   

I ate two sugar free PEEPS for dessert…What’s the point? haha!

Speaking of PEEPS, my office is have a PEEP Diorama contest on Thursday and I have an awesome idea. Pictures soon ;)


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