Friday night, foca was nice enough to drive back to DC with me so I could feed Fievel. We walked down to Chinatown for Chipotle!!

Veggie bowl with alllll the salsas! We headed back up North for a birthday party after dinner. I decided to drive home instead of staying with my parents, so I could “sleep in.” I didn’t get home until after 1am!

Blog Pictures 001

The cat let me sleep in until about 7:30, but then it was feeding time for the both of us.

Apricot and almond butter oats with a hot cup of coffee.

Blog Pictures 002

Blog Pictures 003

I snacked throughout the day…

Carrots with a hummus-cottage cheese-hot sauce mixture.

Blog Pictures 005  

Sautéed cabbage (margarine, garlic, green onions, S&P).

Blog Pictures 006

I was only at 3 of 8 miles on Saturday and I knew that Sunday would be super busy, so I decided to get all 5 miles in at once. I’m a slow runner, but I did all 5 without stopping at a decent pace. I was really proud, and it made me confident in my 10k at the end of the month!

Post-workout treat: Tall decaf soy misto, agua. and a biscotti.

Blog Pictures 007

I took my snack down towards the mall so I could people-watch! It was fun and relaxing!

Blog Pictures 008

I thought the run and the snack would kill my appetite for dinner, but I was WRONG. I toasted a sandwich thin, microwaved veggie burger and added a LC wedge, ketchup and hot sauce. I had some cabbage on the side.

Blog Pictures 009

Dessert: FF plain yogurt with honey and strawberries.

Blog Pictures 010 

I had a chocolate truffle and a bag of popcorn after this! Ha…guess I had a bigger appetite than I thought.


I stayed in last night and watched Glee. It’s pretty funny, I’ll probably try to catch a few more episodes.


Easter recap coming next :)


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