Cherry Blossoms!!

My right eye is really bothering me so I’m going to make this quick!

Breakfast: Cereal, apple, almond butter, coffee.

Blog Pictures 002

Lunch: Leftover curry, carrots, pickle, water.

Blog Pictures 003

Blog Pictures 004

Blog Pictures 006

Snack: Key Lime yogurt, PB chips.

Blog Pictures 007

At 5:30 I ran down to the mall to say hi to my aunt (she’s a park ranger!) and to get in my workout for the day.

It was absolutely gorgeous and the cherry blossoms were at their peak!




This was my route. A total ~6 miles. I’d say at least 3 of those miles was running, the others were walking/weaving around the Tidal Basin at a pretty good pace.


Dinner Part One: Sautéed cabbage, egg white with garlic herb LC wedge, pickle, water.

Blog Pictures 010

Dinner Part Two: 3/4 of a boiled sweet potato with pure maple syrup and cinnamon.

Blog Pictures 011

Unnecessary Dessert: Dried apricots, PB and chocolate chips, water.

Blog Pictures 012  Blog Pictures 013

What a lovely day!

I’m beat…Time for a shower and bed!


One thought on “Cherry Blossoms!!

  1. I am so glad you had a nice run & walk and were able to connect with your Aunt. I know she loved seeing you.
    I love you and will probably be bringing my Aunt to see the blossoms on Tuesday. They may be past peak, but it will be fun no less.

    Love you. MOM

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