Yoga felt so good last night and it had me feeling like JELLO! I really need to make yoga a priority.

I got to z’s around 9 last night and we watched the Capitals game with a glass of crisp white wine :)

I didn’t leave his house until 7:15 this morning and still had to go back to DC, feed the kitty, eat breakfast and change for work!

My camera battery is dead so there is no picture of breakfast and the crackberry will have to suffice for today.

Breakfast Round 1: FF plain yogurt with agave and a crumbled granola bar with OJ.

Breakfast Round 2: Work coffee with soy creamer (brought from home!)


and…this lovely bananner!


I had a little bit of a lunch fail today. I forgot to microwave my veggie burger before hpants and I walked to Starbucks. It was still frozen, so there is no way I was eating it. Good thing I spread hummus on the Sandwich Thin before I left the house…

Sandwich Thin with bland hummus, Babybel light cheese, a vanilla Yoplait, and a lemon lime seltzer water.



Pretty satisfying actually. But I still suggested a sample run at Whole Foods: pound cake, bread pudding, cheese, chips, dip…haha! <3 samples.

At 2:30 I gave up on the day and ate my apple!


A little after 4:30, I decided to skip my zbar snack and have hot chocolate (even though it’s 66 outside!) because I was cold…and had soy creamer left over!



I stopped by my parents house to pick up my comforter which my mommy had dry cleaned. She’s so sweet :)

My mom got home from a bike ride with Zeus (yes, the dog) and my dad got home from the gym at the same time.

We headed out to Pana Thai for dinner around 630.

The three of us shared one Thai beer, just to taste it.

To start, we shared the veggie spring rolls (Cellophane noodles and veggie wrapped in rice paper deep fried and served with sweet  and sour sauce). Crispy! I love the sauce.

I ordered the Veggie Green Curry (A herbal green curry with Thai basil, Thai eggplant, and bamboo shoot) . It only had two stars for spice so I thought I was somewhat safe. There were so many veggie in this curry…and TOFU! I love the thick coconut curry sauce.

I put the curry over white rice (why do I always forget to ask for brown??) and I’d say I ate about half the dish and pack the rest up for tomorrow’s lunch.

I was so stuffed and had to head home to feed Fievel. Traffic wasn’t bad and I made it home around 8:30.

I just finished watching the second episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. I feel pretty fortunate to have never needed to depend on school lunches. My parents made my lunches in elementary and middle school. I started making my own lunch in high school. I haven’t always been as healthy as I am now, but this show really put things in to perspective for me.

I really hope Jamie can get his message across to these small towns and the entire country. But as they say…it takes a village.

good health should be a priority in everyone’s lives.


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