And I’m Freeeee…

…flea freeee!


What a day dudes! What a day! I worked from home today so that the Terminix man could come and get rid of these stupid fleas. Fievel is now on Frontline so that we can kill any fleas/eggs on her now and prevent any new ones from coming into my apartment!

Oh right, this is a food blog. Gross, sorry.

This morning started around 7:30 when I got up, fed myself and the kitty girl. She had cat food and I had…


Blog Pictures 001

1/4 cup oats, 1/4 cup water, 1/4 soy, flax meal, chia seeds, coconut and craisins!

Blog Pictures 002

A little while later, I had a snack:

Blog Pictures 005 

This hummus isn’t that great…a little bland actually. It left me craving these:

Blog Pictures 006

The Terminix window was 10-12 but I had a conference call at 11 that last an hour and a half. I had to mute the last part of my call to pack myself and kitty up and head to the car.  I was holding two laptops, my phone to my ear and the cat in her carrier. Insane.

At 1:40 I realized I needed lunch but I couldn’t go to my apartment and didn’t want to leave the cat in the car. There is a Subway 1/2 a block from my house…so I decided to risk it and leave Fievel in the car (less than 10 minutes, I swear).

No Mom, don’t go!

Blog Pictures 008

6  inch veggie (all veggies, even jalapenos!) sub on wheat with honey mustard.

Blog Pictures 009

Blog Pictures 007


I <3 VW?

Blog Pictures 011

or…a Diet Coke.

Blog Pictures 010


After my delicious sub, things went downhill. Fievel peed in her carrier! None of it got on the seat, but it smelled and the poor thing was sitting in it. I called the Terminix guy to see if we could go inside a little before 3 so I could clean her up. Since we were just sitting in my parking lot, I let him leave the door open to air things out faster. He said we could go in…PHEW!

This poor cat and I have been through it, that’s for sure.

I got her inside and had to bathe her. NOT FUN! NOT FUN! NOT FUN! Ugh…

Now I think we’re doing better. She’s exhausted, I’m still trying to work, and finish 4 loads of laundry. Those stupid fleas better be gone.

I have yoga in two hours and then I’m headed to z’s for the night.




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