Bare Minimum.

I only ran 8 miles this past week. That’s the bare minimum of our Lenten challenge. I headed to the gym knowing I only needed 2 miles…so that’s all I ran. Shameful. I did do some medicine ball workouts and my new pushup regimen. Since I can only do 5 good form pushups at a time, I’ve decided to do reps. 5 pushups, jump knees in, stand up, and shake out arms. Repeat 4 times. I’m really trying to focus on form, so this has been good. As my form and strength get better, I’m hoping to move up to 10 pushups at a time…

After the gym I stopped by Starbucks to get my East Africa sticker :)


I’m 3 for 3! So far the East Africa Blend is my favorite.


I brought my coffee home so I could add my soy creamer and have it with dinner.

Dinner: Two carrots, one pickle, one Babybel Light, and a sandwich of sundried tomato hummus and spinach.


I was still hot from the gym and the temperature was decent so I ate dinner on my balcony with Ugly Betty ;)


I had a Lemon Torte Yoplait Delight for dessert. Hit the spot.


This morning’s rainy breakfast was 1/4 cup rolled oats, 1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup soymilk, one banana, a rounded teaspoon of PB, flax meal and…


…lots of cinnamon!


A co-worker of mine made challah bread. It was so pretty I had to take a picture…


Wow. I don’t have the patience for bread making. Good for her!


I had a square of sea salt chocolate at 10:30 to hold me over until lunch…


I had a leftover Diet Coke and a super fresh salad.


Granny Smith apple, craisins, walnuts and a cut up Babybel on top of spinach with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette (balsamic, EVOO, S&P, and a little honey).


hpants had a salad with wheat berries, blueberries, blackberries, snozzberries, black beans, red peppers, cheese and honey dijon dressing over romaine lettuce.


Foca had spaghetti with meat sauce and red peppers.



After a pound cake sample with crack honey butter, we headed back and I ate my leftover cantaloupe.


At 4, I ate my Yoplait Greek strawberry yogurt. Not a fan. It was chalky and flavorless.


It also has gelatin unlike my other beloved Greek yogurt brand CHOBANI :)


I think I’m sticking to Chobani from now on…


The end.

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