Saturday in the Park!

I woke up around 8:30 on Saturday morning so I would have time for coffee and breakfast before z came to pick me up. 

Blog Pictures 037

These oats had a banana, regular PB and…some chocolate and peanut butter chips!

Blog Pictures 038

We stopped by Subway to pick up sandwiches for lunch and then hit the road!

Blog Pictures 040

Almost there…

Blog Pictures 041

We parked a mile before the Catoctin Mountain Park Visitor Center and took the Chimney Rock Trail (2.2 miles, 520 foot ascent, Strenuous). 

Blog Pictures 042

The President was at Camp David so a big area of the park was closed.

Blog Pictures 043   

Blog Pictures 045

Blog Pictures 046

Gorgeous view!

Blog Pictures 001

I could have stayed up there forever.

Blog Pictures 007

Blog Pictures 006

This is Fred! He was just chilling the whole time we were there. We were watching the hawks flying around, but I guess this guy was comfy…

Blog Pictures 009

HAHA! I could do so many things with this sign…

Blog Pictures 013

Blog Pictures 016

No hunting. No trapping.

Blog Pictures 017

After the Chimney Rock Trail, we headed to the Visitor Center for lunch.

Blog Pictures 019

We found a bench out front and opened the cooler. I had a Fuji apple, a 6 inch veggie sub on wheat bread, and a bite of z’s chocolate coconut Larabar (to cool down my mouth!).

Blog Pictures 020

Reason Number 42,839,572,615 why I love my boyfriend: He suggested we take a little nap in the back of his car after lunch! Heck yea!

Beautiful day. Great hike. Full belly. Cute boyfriend. Impromptu nap. PERFECT ;)

Blog Pictures 021

After a quick snooze, we decided we didn’t want to leave so we checked out the Blue Blazes Whiskey Still (0.6 miles, 60 foot ascent, Easy).

Blog Pictures 023

There was a mini waterfall at the end of the trail.

Blog Pictures 025

Because I’m a child, I decided that we needed to play a modified version of Poohsticks. I found my stick and dropped it on one side of the bridge, then z and I ran to the other side to watch it go over the waterfall. I loved it and was so giddy!

See my Poohstick?!

Blog Pictures 027               

After all that excitement, we still didn’t want to leave, so we headed up the street a little more and stopped at Cunningham Falls. Since we were there, we couldn’t leave without seeing the falls.

Blog Pictures 031

We decided to take the Cliff Trail (0.4 miles, 300 foot ascent, Strenuous) to the falls. It was tough in the beginning and a little dicey towards the end. The trail markings were a little confusing and there were crazy rocks all throughout the “path.”

Blog Pictures 030

We made it and it was so worth it. We both agreed that we could have watched/listened to the falls all day.

Blog Pictures 029

We decided to take the Lower Trail (0.4 miles, 20 foot ascent, Moderate) back to the car. Between the trail hikes and the in-between walking we did, z estimated we walked about 5 miles :)

We had so much fun! It was an amazing day and it felt so great to get outside the Beltway. <3

The drive back wasn’t too bad, but we were both worn out! We promptly passed out on the couch as soon as we walked in the door and only woke up because I was drooling on z’s arm we were both starved! We freshened up and headed downtown for dinner…

To be continued…


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