A Lovely Little Weekend.

Asian Spice is definitely a favorite of ours. That’s where we headed last night after our post-hike nap.  We were so happy that they sat us right away because we were HUNGRY!

Drinks First: I got a glass of Malbec and z got a Sapporo.

(Pardon the pictures. It was dark and cozy in the restaurant and I didn’t want the flash to disturb anyone…)

Since it was chilly outside z and I both ordered the tofu and seaweed soup. The broth is so comforting! The soup is topped with fresh celery, scallions, and cilantro for clean and delicious crunch! YUMMM!! We both slurped every bit of it!

Blog Pictures 001

z also ordered the Fresh Softroll (Vietnamese style softroll made with vermicelli noodle, vegetable, sweet basil leave and shrimp wrapped in rice wrapper served with hoisin-peanut dipping sauce). I tried one and could have done without the shrimp, but everything else was super fresh and I really liked the dipping sauce!

Blog Pictures 002 

For my entree, I got the Asian Spice Original Salad (An array of fresh spring mixed, heart of romaine and seasoned Japanese seaweed with the curried peanut dressing). Two words: IN LOVE! Everything about this salad was awesome. Crunchy and fresh! The mounds of seaweed salad on top were my favorite part by far. I may need to order this every time we go there…

Blog Pictures 003

With full bellies, we headed home to watch the end of the WVU vs. KY basketball game. We were so tired that I think we were in bed by 10:30. Awesome.

We got out of bed at 8:30! Almost 10 hours of sleep, mmmm!! z ran out to get the paper and some fruit while I made coffee and vacuumed!

Orange, cantaloupe, and blackberries!

Blog Pictures 004

After my fruit, I mixed up some FF plain yogurt with blueberry sauce and a little agave.

Blog Pictures 005

Before z went, he had to play with his girl ;) He and Fievel have a lot of fun!

Blog Pictures 012

Blog Pictures 010

After z left, she decided to go exploring…

Blog Pictures 024

Where’s Fievel?

Blog Pictures 026

Here she is! Half asleep on my laundry pile! I guess z wore her out…

Blog Pictures 027 

For lunch today I had two courses:

Sandwich Thin with melted cheddar, FF cottage cheese and sriracha.

Blog Pictures 017

Blog Pictures 018

Egg whites with spinach, hot sauce and ketchup.

Blog Pictures 019       

Time to run some errands, got to the gym, do lots of cleaning and hopefully laundry (if kitty wakes up!).


Oh…and figure out my life. Right…


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