hpants told me I was should call this post “weak” because of my poor excuse for a lunch…and because I didn’t take a picture of my bowl of Oat O’s with unsweetened soy this morning!

Work was somewhat frustrating today (what’s new!?), so I definitely welcomed the walk to Whole Foods.

z and I grilled with some friends last night (grilled potatoes and zucchini – OW OW!!) and didn’t get home until 10:30. z wanted to play with Fievel when we got home, so I didn’t make my “lunch” until the morning.

Mixed greens. Tofu Pup. Italian dressing. Pathetic.

Blog Pictures 002

I also ate a yogurt:

Blog Pictures 003

Definitely not enough calories…so I had to supplement with samples and then got a dollars worth of food from the salad bar:

Giant Beans, tabbouleh, and orzo salad ;)

Blog Pictures 004

Then…hpants and I decided to split bread pudding!

Blog Pictures 005

I was more than full after that!

I needed oats to put in my Safeway container, but of course picked up a few other things including couscous and coffee:

Blog Pictures 006

There was a nice looking man handing out coffee samples. I’m not one to turn down a sample, especially not a coffee sample. I got suckered into buying a $12.99 bag of coffee. Hey…at least they ground it for me, it’s for a good cause and how delicious does it sound…?!

Blog Pictures 007

Blog Pictures 008

After work I headed to my parents house to pick up a few things…so I decided to eat dinner and wait for them to get home! I had some scoops and salsa, veggie pizza, some spaghetti and a can of tomato soup! They didn’t even end up coming home, so I had to get on the road to feed Fievel.

I fed the baby and then went to the gym…mistake. I hadn’t fully digested, and all that acidity didn’t feel too great in my stomach. I ran a measly, painful, pathetic 2.75 miles. UGH! Am I ready for a 10k? Ha…

I came home to vacuum, flea spray and mop the kitchen floor with hot water and bleach. Stupid fleas, I hate you. Stop biting me and my cat.


On a side note: I got in to Grad School.

On another side note: I have no idea what to do.

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