Dreary Day.

I met my parents at Panera for dinner last night. I love the “pick two” option!

I got the veggie black bean soup and a greek salad with a ww baguette. You better believe every ounce of food on my plate was devoured!

Dad got the asian chicken salad:

Mom got the veggie pesto soup with the new salmon salad:

Fresh and delicious. I really love Panera. I had a nice time talking with my parents about everything that’s going on. They’re so supportive <3

I got home around 8pm and headed to the gym for a quick workout. I ran three miles and decided to stop because the outside of my left leg felt really tight for some reason. I did a lot of stretching! I finished my workout with some ab work and a lot of arm work with an 8 lbs. medicine ball. I need to get back to my strength training since I’ve been so focused on cardio lately!

This morning after my bloody nose, I had overnight protein oats topped with Kashi and banana!

Hooray for a week of super ripe bananas. I love them!

Even though it’s pretty dreary today, hpants, foca and I still headed over to WF for lunch. I put some leftover veggies and rice from Wednesday on a bed of spinach and had a hunk of ww bread.

I was still kind of hungry after I finished, so I was glad there were good samples today :)

I also picked up some soymilk, almond milk, quinoa and Tazo Vanilla Apricot white tea!

Today is a Pay Day Friday! My favorite!

Tonight’s activities will probably consist of laundry and loafing around. I need to rest so that I can start feeling better!


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