I had so much fun last night.

z and I walked to a friend’s house for the season’s first grilling session. The guys made some chicken, zucchini, asparagus and eggplant on the grill and served it with “Stubbs” BBQ Sauce. I had three beers and a shot of Tito’s vodka (amazing stuff) before we even left for the bar. Hehe…

We met our other pals at Lucky Bar around 10 and spent the night talking, DANCING, and drinking some more. So fun! z and I took a cab and got home a little after 2am. We played with Fievel and even gave her a little treat which she thoroughly enjoyed!

Needless to say…we were tired this morning. I think we laid in bed until almost 11! It felt amazing. While z ran out and got the paper, I made opened some cinnamon rolls and got them in the oven.

We ate our rolls with a tangelo on the side and some coffee! I had an unpictured third roll after this picture. We were sooo hungry!

After breakfast, z helped me put up my three new pieces are art. It’s a good thing I’m a stud-finder, otherwise it would have been pretty difficult to find the right place to hang them. My stud z didn’t think it was that funny of a joke, but I seriously crack myself up… ;)

“Strummin’ Blues” by Steven Johnson (love the harmonica!)

(I see me.)

“Landscape with Butterflies” by Salvador Dali

(pardon the mess on my dresser)

“Grenada, Spain” by Ynon Mabet

I’m really happy with how they all came out!! Yay! My apartment is really looking like my apartment now…only a year and four months after moving in. Progress!

I decided to have lunch around 3:00. Another snack plate like yesterday!

Tons of wilted spinach with a little organic salsa (awesome).

It was such a nice day today that I would have felt guilty running on the treadmill. I decided to run down to the National Mall to get in my last miles of the week. As I expected, it was super crowded. I ended up running 3.2 miles in about 37 minutes. Pretty slow, but I had to stop at traffic lights and had to dodge a lot of people. I’m just glad I’m got my miles in. That puts me over ten miles for the week, so I’m happy.

There may have been some more green stuff on my run, so I really need to take it easy. I’ll be much worse off if I keep pushing myself.

I made some juice with an apple, some kale greens, and a lemon when I got back from my run. It was so delicious and refreshing.

Isn’t it a pretty color?

I turned the rest of the kale greens into chips (inhaled those) and then put the juice pulp (mixed with soy sauce, flax meal, curry powder, lemon juice and water) into the dehydrator for crackers.

I also ate the rest of the cottage cheese that was left in the container with some chili garlic sauce and two dried apricots around 5:30.

I guess that will be my dinner, because I’m feeling like it’s time to wind down and get ready for the week. Actually, there may be some dessert cereal in the next hour. I had a coupon for a box of Kashi cereal, so I picked up the Honey Almond Flax to try, so that will be dessert. Sold.

I had a great weekend with a lot of great friends :)


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