Green Stuff.

Well, I just coughed up some green stuff. Gross, I know. I actually feel a ton better though now that the gunk is not hanging out in my lungs. Lo siento for the graphic details…

I went to the gym and ran 4 miles. My lungs were threatening to collapse the entire time. I may be in “sick-denial.” I don’t feel too terrible, but I have a weird cough and it feels like two sumo wrestlers are sitting on my chest. I grabbed a lemon lime gatorade and sat in the locker room for a few minutes. I’m at 7 of 8 miles for the week. Must. Do. Eight.

Lunch was a crunchy hodge podge.

Carrots and cucumbers with black bean and regular hummus, some awesome crackers, and some chive cottage cheese.

After lunch I had some granola crisps and drank some throat comfort tea.

This tea is a miracle worker. I promise.

I’m currently eating a PB Cookie Larabar and playing with my kitty.

z’s coming over for at 6:30and we’re grilling at my friends place, then we’re meeting a bunch of friends in Dupont :) PARTYYY


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