Tea and Truffles.

Mofo and KtB got here around 5:30 yesterday, but I was stuck in traffic for an hour and a half, so I didn’t see them until 6:30! I asked them if they wanted dinner in or out, but I had a feeling I knew the answer….

CHIPOTLE! They love it as much as me :) Even though I had it for dinner on Thursday night, it was still amazing!

I got a veggie bowl with rice this time instead of romaine.

It was a chilly walk home but our bellies were full and we were happy!

This little girl greeted us when we got home:

After digesting a little, it was time for truffles!

Hey Mo.

Truffles, tea and girl talk. The ultimate chick-a-thon! hehe

We woke up before 8 this morning because the girls had to get on the road.

Tired but pretty!

I made some breakfast smoothies (OJ, spinach, frozen strawberries, banana)!

EEK! Cameras shouldn’t be allowed before 8am!!

Safe trip! See you soon :)

A little after the girls left, I made breakfast.

1 egg and 2 whites scrambled with hot sauce, milk, S&P.

2 pieces of toast with SmartBalance.

One piece had some organic strawberry preserves.

It was a really good breakfast! I’m still not feeling great which bums me out. I swallowed 5 pills today (1 steroid, 1 vit C, 1 multi-vit, 2 daytime cold pills). I hate taking pills, but I think I needed to. Ugh.

Now it’s time to do laundry, get some more miles in at the gym, clean this apartment, and get ready for tonight. I’m hoping I can slip a nap in there somewhere too…

Yay Saturday.


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