Kitty in the Kitchen!

Good morning, Fievel! What a pretty kitty! Fievel and I really enjoyed our Wednesday together. I was able to work from home in the morning before a 1:30 meeting downtown. I was so happy to hang out with my new fur baby! She’s quite the talkative kitty, especially when there’s food involved ;)

I went straight from meeting downtown to the Ritz Camera store to see what I could do about my stupid, stupid camera. I brought in the camera, my receipt, my one-year warranty that came with the purchase and was hoping for good news. Not so much. They were going to charge me $170 to fix the “lens error” which is more than I originally purchased the camera for. RIDICULOUS. If I’d gotten the “extended service plan,” I would have been covered. BS. So I ended up having to buy a whole new camera. I got the Nikon Coolpix S570 in black and yes, I got the  “extended service plan” this time. Bitter. GRR. Oh well, I’m slowly getting over it.

After the camera store, I came home and ate the rest of the veggie pizza I had started at lunch. I also had some oat o’s and an oatmeal craisin protein muffin! I used craisins instead of raisins because I always have them on hand.

About an hour after dinner I headed to the gym and did a nice three-mile run. The first mile was a tad painful because I didn’t digest enough, and I think I’m getting a chest cold. The last two miles were great though! I stopped by the store to pick up milk  and larabars (for z), brown sugar, cottage cheese, yogurt, and two tangelos. I also picked up a PB Pretzel MOJO bar that I ate half of immediately upon walking out of the store :) MMM!

I got home, showered, talked to my cat and waited for z. He came over around 9 last night to see me and to meet Fievel. We layed on the couch, talked, had a beer and watched Fievel do kitty things. I think they hit it off ;)

6:30am – Beep, Beep, Beep. Time to get up! z turned on the coffee pot and I made some stove top oats while he showered.

1 cup of oats, 1 1/3 cup water, pinch of salt.

I let z choose what he wanted in his oats, but he kept it simple with brown sugar only.

Someone loves being in the kitchen…

I topped my oats with a ripe banana, ground flax and a drizzle of agave. YUM!

I ate all but two bites that I packed up and put in my lunch bag. No waste!

When I got to work I made a big cup of hot tea and then had to eat the last half of the MOJO bar because I was started to feel weird. Stupid steroids. Only 6 more days!

I bought different cottage cheese last night. It’s not fat-free (it’s 2%) and it’s”chive-flavored.” It seemed interesting, so I put it over a bed of spinach and microwaved it for today’s lunch. It was really tasty! The chives were subtle but flavorful. Score.

I only had three carrots left in the fridge, so I packed them up and ate them with some Texas Pete Honey Mustard.

Even after the carrots, I was obviously still hungry, so I broke out my last multi-grain tortilla.

It split into three strips, so I filled the first strip with the last few bites of my breakfast.

Then I ate the other two strips plain :)

Much better!

I have a grapefruit and a zbar packed for my afternoon snacks. I may hit up a Diet Mountain Dew too…We’ll see!

My friend D is coming over to meet Fievel tonight. I’m going to try to run before she comes over so we can have some wine and snacks and just relax!

Happy Thursday!


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