Tubby, Tubby!

Yesterday’s post?

I had a little yogurt left in the tub, so I made 1/4 cup of oats with chia seeds, goji berries and flax seeds, then added it to the yogurt tub with some “sunshine” for good measure. It wasn’t my favorite breakfast, but it did a pretty good job of keeping me full!

Even though breakfast was substantial, I had 2 dried apricots and a mini Hershey’s dark chocolate square at 11:15 :)

I had another “tub” meal for lunch today! I saw that my cottage cheese container was at the end, so I added a ton of spinach and some salsa on top and some red grapes :)

Today’s snack is a sliced Gala and a piece of ww bread with almond butter and shredded coconut! Bring on the sweets!

I got home a little before 6:30 and needed a snack before Bootcamp. I had a zbar and half a piece of bread with cheese.

Bootcamp was different and hard. We did jumping pull ups, suicides, relays, squats, burpees, jump roping, squat thrusters, etc. Yikes. I was winded at the end of class! My instructor came up to me after class and said “You’re getting really strong!” I was really happy to hear that she noticed :) When I started her class in September, I couldn’t do a real push up, but now I can!! 

When I got home at 8:30, I didn’t think I was hungry…until I made dinner ;)

I sautéed some cabbage in EVOO with soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and chili garlic sauce. It was even more amazing than last time! I also had an egg white and dubliner wrap with ketchup and hot sauce!

My lovely sweet tooth came to visit shortly afterwards…

After a week without sweets, my nightly truffle came back in to my life (with some grapes too)!

Apparently that wasn’t enough to calm my sweet tooth down, because I also had a piece of ww bread with almond butter, coconut and chocolate chips! hehe.

Monday was a really, really great day! So many things are coming together and falling into place.

I may or may not be meeting a kitty cat today. It’s definitely time for me to have a furry baby in my life. Hopefully I can take her home and not be disappointed (which often happens). I already have a name picked out…OOPS!

Think good thoughts at 6:15 tonight!



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