Why Camera, Why?

Date night was awesome!

z and I walked downtown last night and put our name down at Ella’s, then walked to pick up our tickets for the movie. By the time we got back to the restaurant, they were ready to seat us. z ordered an Abita Mardi Gras Bock with dinner and I had a taste, but went with water instead. I’ll be drinking plenty of Abita in less than two months in NOLA. z got a mixed greens salad and a Margherita Pizza. I ordered a Portobello Mushroom Salad on a bed of spinach with smoked mozzarella and candied walnuts. YUM! z was sweet and gave me a piece of his pizza even though he could have easily eaten the whole thing (and then some). He helped with the rest of my salad and we ordered coffee and chocolate pudding. I was such a trooper and didn’t even have one bite. No sweets until tomorrow!

After a great dinner, we walked to the theatre. It was packed and there were long lines to get in. Luckily the line wasn’t for our movie and we were the first ones in our seats. Middle of the row, middle of the theatre. Perfect seats! Crazy Heart was really good. Jeff Bridges was disgustingly convincing in his role and we really enjoyed it. z and I pretty much love anything that has to do with music ;)

I really love date nights :)


z and I woke up around 9 this morning and had a nice leisurely breakfast of grapefruit, grapes, toast for him, yogurt/cereal for me, coffee and OJ. After breakfast we booked all our Jazz Fest accommodations!! I’m getting EXCITED :)

At about 10 minutes to 11am, z and I left the house. He headed home and I headed to church. I’m glad that I’m going to church again, but I think I’m still searching for the right one.

I ate lunch a little after church.

Marinated tofu with FF cottage cheese:

Mini romaine salad with grapes, goat cheese and honey dijon:

This was followed by a million handfuls of Kashi “Honey Sunshine” on the couch watching the Olympics. Eating out the cereal box is such a bad idea haha! I had to put it away and get busy changing sheets and getting motivated for the gym.

I only needed one mile today, but I had my heart set on three. It’s a really nice day today. I got a happy spring-like feeling while walking to the gym, so I went in, did my three and got outta there :)

That puts my week total to 10 miles. Workload permitting, I’m hoping to do more than 10 miles this next week. I’m just happy I got in 8+ because I get to have a truffle tomorrow :)

I made myself a mini protein shake after the gym for a little replenishment before I get ready to go out to dinner for my mom’s birthday dinner!

Time to shower and get ready. See you tomorrow!


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