Brothers Gotta Hug.

I left work an hour later than I wanted to, but I was still able to get home and make it to the store without much traffic.  I unloaded my groceries and got to work. I started by sauteing a jalapeno and some garlic for a few minutes then adding some drained and rinsed black beans.

After about 2 minutes, I added some organic salsa and thawed corn and then let it hang out on low for about an hour!

The boys were running a little late so I chopped up romaine lettuce, cucumber, carrots and green pepper for the salad.

When I asked my brothers what kind of beer they wanted, they both said “Budweiser” – woof! Of all the beer out there! Ha! Oh well, they were my guests, so Budweiser was purchased.

They got to my apartment at 6:50 (game starts at 7pm), but they were both set on eating dinner here, so I was excited to feed them!

JayBird and Jah :)

I cooked some ground chicken in taco seasoning and microwaved a few multi-grain tortillas and it was time to eat!

I filled my tortilla with beans, cheese and salsa! I also had a salad on the side with honey dijon!

After we inhaled ate dinner, Jah ran in to the kitchen and insisted on doing the dishes! How nice!

This kid supervised…

After a quick cleanup, we walked to Chinatown and found our seats! We were way up high ;)

Go Wizards.

Silly Siblings! They both have baby blues! Aren’t they precious?

The game went into overtime and was pretty intense! I was actually getting into it!

Unfortunately the Wizards lost, but we had a great time! The brothers walked me home and came upstairs for a night-cap before they hopped back on the metro. Can you guess which one is mine ;)

I’m so glad I was able to have my bros over! We really had fun and I’m happy they finally got to see my digs!

“Brothers don’t shake hands – Brothers gotta hug!!!”


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