The Wizzz

Tuesday recap:

Breakfast: half a ww tortilla with almond butter

Yoplait smoothie with almond soymilk

I knew it would be really sweet, so I added some spinach.

It was such a neat color and was pretty delicious. A little too sweet though…I probably won’t buy that bag again, but I had a coupon.

Lunch: Mixed greens with a tomato, cottage cheese and salsa.

I had a cottage cheese double as a supplementary part of my lunch. They were a dollar at the store so I bought two. Pretty good, but a little sweet.

Pardon this R-Rated disgusting picture. I ate a ww wrap with a banana and almond butter at 5 for my snack since I knew I’d be working late.

I got home around 10 pm and had another ww tortilla! Yikes, over dose on tortillas. This one was filled with eggs, spicy hummus, spinach and salsa! So good!

Moving on to Wednesday!

I think I had oats for breakfast. Yes, with almond butter that’s right. I think I put some cereal on top as well. Oh this memory of mine…

Lunch was mixed greens, a tomato, a bruschetta “burger” and some mozzarella cheese all microwaved together!

Pineapple cottage cheese double came after lunch.

Around 5pm, I had some carrots with spicy hummus to hold me over. I actually ended up leaving work at 6pm which was a miracle! I headed back home to give a pair of Wizards tickets to a co-worker, but he couldn’t find anyone to go with, so I agreed to go (even though I hadn’t been to the gym since Sunday).

I went inside, changed shoes and inhaled this ww tortilla with almond butter and a sliced apple.

At the game, I had a Red Hook ESB. It definitely had a kick, so I only had one. The game was ok. Good seats, good company, but … it didn’t even feel like a professional sport game. Weird. We left before the game ended and the Wizards were losing. Shocking. The Wizards are not very good…

I got home around 9:15 and ate some cauliflower with cheese and salsa while I made my lunch. Eating late makes me feel guilty, but going to bed hungry makes me cranky.

I got ready for Thursday, talked to this really cute guy my boyfriend <3  and went to sleep. The end.

I need this week to be over. I have been feeling strange.

I need to make some changes. Big changes.

I need to take risks. DO IT.


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