Oh hey, blog break!

After quite a long hiatus, I’m kind of back. Work is insane. Monday was a 10 hour day. Tuesday was a 12 hour day. Who knows what today will be.

Let’s try to salvage my past few days…


My dad picked me up from work at 4 on Friday afternoon. I grabbed my stuff and we were off to WISP!

After a little while, we stopped at McDonald’s for a bathroom break and a snack. I got a medium Diet Coke and…had a few french fries. I haven’t had McD’s french fries in a long time. I’m not even sure if they’re vegetarian…they were pretty darn tasty, especially with the “hot” mustard!

We got to the hotel around 7, checked in, dropped off our stuff and headed to Black Bear Saloon. I knew I’d heard of the place and remembered that my brother, Jah, took me there for my first drink as a 21 year old! Too funny!

I ordered a Yuengling and nursed it the whole night.

We had a big group of 10 people, so we ordered two appetizer samplers.

I had a fried zucchini stick, an onion ring and lots of celery. I followed this by lots of zucchini with the fried part peeled off.

For dinner I had a portobello sandwich with swiss cheese. The picture is on my dad’s camera because I’m a genius and I left my memory card in the computer. Woof!

I had a great time skiing on Saturday!! My dad was really patient with me and built up my confidence enough to try a blue trail. I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon doing blues only :) I was really proud of myself! Maybe I can even go skiing with z someday…He’s a black/double black diamond kinda guy ;)

I documented other meals throughout my weekend, but I’m too lazy to get them off my dad’s camera. My apologies. I’ll just say that I ate some good and some bad.

We drove home on Saturday night after skiing from 10am to 6pm! My dad dropped me off at my car and I headed straight to z’s house. No weekend is complete without at least one sleepover :)

I left his house Sunday afternoon, went grocery shopping, ran 3.5 miles and headed back to pick up z so we could go to dinner at a friends house. Dinner and dessert were really great and we finished the night by watching USA beat Canada :) It was such a fun game to watch!!

Monday’s lunch was a salad of mixed greens, one tomato, a little goat cheese, cottage cheese and salsa!

I followed my salad with some carrots and spicy hummus…not spicy enough in my opinion!

It was such a busy day, but I got my snack in around 5pm. Gala and blueberry yogurt. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Yoplait greek yogurt. Good thing I only bought one to try.

Since I stayed at work until 7:30, I didn’t get home until 8:30 and was pretty hungry! I snacked on half a ww tortilla with hummus while I made dinner.

I cut up half a head of cabbage to cook on the stove.

I used water, chili garlic sauce, soy sauce and rice wine vinegar to cook my cabbage!

I had my yummy cabbage with an egg white (topped with cheese and salsa) and a huge hunk of wheat bread :)

I just realized that all my pictures from yesterday on are my actual camera because my memory card is not in its home…yet again! Ugh…

Well, I guess I’ll be doing a Tuesday/Wednesday recap when I get home tonight. I hope it’s not a “work until 9pm” kinda night again…

I just can’t get to the gym that late! I hope I don’t have to give up sweets again next week since I didn’t  get my 8 in last week. I’m definitely missing my nightly truffle!

feelin’ funky in an apartment near Chinatown.


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