Thursday came and went without a post…oops!

I was so busy at work yesterday that I ate lunch at my desk. Moroccan stew, again.

I also ate an ENORMOUS grapefruit. Unfortunately it wasn’t that great…there were some really hard and dry parts! I still ate the majority of it.

No afternoon snack because I was so busy.

My parents picked me up at work around 6pm so I could pick up my car. $1,000 bucks later, we headed to Chipotle!

Veggie bowl!

And some chips! Salty and amazing!

I got home around 8pm and went straight to the gym. I could only do two miles because my stomach was so full and I didn’t want to puke in public… ;)

After the gym, I packed for my ski trip, packed my lunch and hit the hay!

Moving on to today…FRIDAY!!

I started my morning with some beary hot coffee ;)

I also had SUPER overnight oats with FF plain yogurt, agave, oats, plumped goji berries, chia seeds and cereal!

I’ve been eating a lot of dark chocolate today! I’m also super busy again!

Today’s lunch was a repeat of yesterday and was eaten at my desk again.

I packed some snacks for my ski road trip with my dad. We’re leaving at 4.

I hope I get everything done today! EEK!

Happy Friday!

One thought on “Two-for-One

  1. Mmmm beary hot coffee sounds beary delicious :) I love your sense of humor!

    Chipotle is one of my faves! I haven’t had it in a while so you’ve reminded me that it needs to go on my to-eat list!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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