VDAY Continues…

As we all suspected, I did not go to the gym this morning.  I think just getting out of bed, eating breakfast and remembering my lunch are enough to ask before 8am. I’ll hopefully get in at least two miles tonight.

Breakfast was the same combination as yesterday, but this time…it was in a jar :)

Oats in a jar twice in one week! Ow Ow!

I had Moroccan stew packed for lunch, but I remembered that I had Monday’s leftovers in the work fridge so I decided to eat them instead. The sandwich was still really tasty, but the other pieces of pita had gotten stale…

…so even though I hate to waste, they went in the trash.

I ate the hummus with the peppers and carrots that I had packed for snack.

I also had a little container of 1% CC with sriracha. Seriously, I can’t get enough!

I love little containers :)

I really need to work on this sweet tooth. After my lunch, I ate the last PB Chocolate bar that I brought to the office to give away. It didn’t taste that great because I made them Saturday and the sriracha taste was still in my mouth. Oh well. It did the trick.

z came over for dinner tonight! We sautéed 2 green peppers and a huge onion with chili flakes and fresh basil to go in the jarred tomato basil sauce I had. We added the veggie sauce to some whole wheat linguine! z cut up some fresh bread and added some minced garlic, basil, black pepper and olive oil then put it in a hot oven to get toasty!

A quick and delicious meal :)

 After dinner we researched for our Jazz Fest and watched American Idol then fell asleep on the couch as we often do ;)

Guess what came in the mail today!? My Secret Bloggie Valentine! It’s Jenn from Eating Bender!

I got a candy-filled card, a super cute picture frame, chocolate covered strawberries, a BEAR mug filled with chocolate and a Valentine’s PEZ!

Of course I tried one for dessert ;) Chewy and sweet! Yum!

Jenn wrote a note telling me this would be the perfect mug for hot chocolate with extra marshmallows! She totally knows about my addiction!

Thanks Jenn! I love everything :)



3 thoughts on “VDAY Continues…

  1. Hi lovely! I’m sorry I haven’t been able to check out your post until now but believe me, I was SO excited to hear it arrived safely! I absolutely adore that mug and am so glad you will be able to use it for your hot chocolate addiction ;)

    Beaming and very happy that you’re happy! Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

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