Just one.

I was worried that I wouldn’t make it home for Bootcamp tonight! I stayed at work a little later than usual and then had to fill my car up with gas and oil!

I walked in the door at 7:05, got dressed and was out the door around 7:17! I’m so thankful to live close to the gym.

Only four of us showed up tonight…this means the instructor can watch your every squat! It was a hard night and I was dripping with sweat. Nothing new, but always great!

Dinner was similar to last nights. Cucumber, bell pepper and carrots with 1% cottage cheese and sriracha for dipping!

I also had a mini bowl of leftover cold pasta with SPICY chili garlic sauce!

My mouth was a’burnin’ so I had to grab some ww bread and smart balance to cool down. CARBS! :)

For dessert, I had a single, delicious, Valentine’s truffle :)

Now Denise, you may only have one a night.

Just one.

Believe it or not…the schmoop fest didn’t end at Midnight. I still felt schmoopy all day… I guess ice skating dates and Jazz Fest will do that to you ;)

I’ll stop there.

Waiting for my clothes to dry and then it’s off to schmoop sleep!

Happy President’s Day from an apartment near Chinatown.


One thought on “Just one.

  1. I just received your package in the mail! Yippee! Thank you so so much! I’m still at work – so I’m going to wait until I get home to bust everything out and look at it. You are the sweetest! :) :)

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