This is getting (c)old.

 This is my “I’ve been snowed in way too much this winter and didn’t even have time to blog” post.

I’m really done with this snow. Not that I dont love having endless cuddle time with my boyfriend…but COME ON this is getting ridiculous. The snow on Monday night better only be a dusting or…I’ll be annoyed.

Let’s get to some food pictures…since I’ve definitely been insulating eating.

Cottage cheese with sriracha.  Brussels sprouts with margarine, salt and pepper. I think was Monday nights dinner right before I shoveled my car out.

Mini triple berry muffin leftover from the Saints Victory :)

Tuesday I woke up early because I co-worker was giving me a ride in his SUV so I had to take the metro to meet him. The roads were still bad and I didn’t want to risk driving my little car.

Overnight chia oats with some craisins.

My co-worker dropped me off at a metro stop that was where I get the bus to z’s house, so I decided to call him and invite myself over ;) I knew I’d be able to work from home on Wednesday if it was really bad (which it was)!

We ate leftover cheese tortellini with a mound of corn and some grapefruit segments. It was a hodge podge, but it was good!

Forgot to take a picture of Wednesday’s breakfast, but it was only half a grapefruit and a lot of coffee.

This whole week is a blur, so I can’t even remember what I did between breakfast and lunch. I think I did some work and it snowed…alot.

I had a can of Amy’s Organic Fire Roasted Southwestern Vegetable Soup: Organic fire roasted corn, onions and green peppers are combined with fresh vegetables and black beans, and mildly seasoned with green chiles and Southwestern spices.

I cut up the butt of a loaf of bread for dipping and had some apples for CRUNCH!

This was my snowy view!

We took a nice walk around the neighborhood to see the craziness. The wind was blowing and it was truly “whiteout” conditions. After our walk we watched Stranger Than Fiction with Will Ferrell. It was really interesting and we both ended up really liking it.

After a little while, we had a nice candlelight dinner that included more Amy’s!

We cooked the two smaller Black Bean Enchiladas and Black Bean Enchilada Whole Meal. We also roasted some red skin potatoes with EVOO, fresh oregano, S&P and had the rest of the corn on the side.

My plate:

Wine of the night: 2008 Gabbiano Chianti

z had two of the enchiladas…there is tofu in there!!  ;) A 100% vegetarian meal for the both of us!

After dinner, we watched Away We Go with John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph. I loved it :)

I was still snowed in on Thursday so z made some coffee and stovetop oats. I put a little drizzle of honey on top and they were perfectly simple and delicious.

We were so busy with shoveling and get ready for our friends arrival with their new bundle of joy that we only had hot chocolate for lunch!

After we welcomed the baby (SOOO CUTE), it was time for me to go back to the city. z and I bundled up and hiked about 15 minutes to the bus stop. We took the bus to the closest metro station with service and I hopped on the train. After waiting 20 minutes, it finally came and I was sitting, eating dinner by about 7pm.

I had some chips and salsa with a bruschetta “burger” sandwich and V8.

I ate some Thin Mint ice cream while watching the Secret Life and then went to borrow my neighbors shovel so I could get ready to drive to work the next morning. I shoveled from about 8-9pm and now I’m SORE.

I have to get back to the gym…ugh.

We survived and we still like eachother. Please…no more snow.



be mine.


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