This is not a mouse house.

My car is still snowed in and the roads are still not great, so I’m working from home again today. Hopefully I’ll be able to get out tomorrow…

I had two leftover pancakes, a banana and an apple for breakfast!

I microwaved the pancakes with half a sliced banana inside. It got really soft and was delicious!!

I sprinkled the apple and other half of the banana with cinnamon for a little flava.

A little after breakfast I heard a snap underneath my stove…I knew exactly what it was. The mouse trap had taken its first victim. I knew I’d had a mouse in the house for a little while, but never saw it. Living in the city, my apartment came with a complimentary mouse trap when I moved in…gross. I really should have gotten one of those humane traps instead of killing this little guy :( My friends came over to check out the situation (no way I was going to do it) and sure enough…there was a dead mouse. My friend was nice enough to take it, put it in a bag and get rid of it without me seeing it. RIP little guy. Please tell your family and friends to stay out of my apartment. Thanks.

Moving away from the unappetizing…on to the very appetizing. LUNCH!

I cleaned and sliced some of the baby button mushrooms that I didn’t use last night. I sautéed them in EVOO, garlic and thyme.

Once the mushrooms were brown, I added a few handfuls of baby spinach.

Baby spinach wilts so fast!

I put a few crumbles of goat cheese on  a whole wheat tortilla and put the spinach-mushroom mix on top.

I rolled it up like a burrito with a little FF cottage cheese and sriracha on the side. MMM!

I was still a little snacky, so I ate a few corn chips and salsa.

For dessert I had some crack marshmallows and…

…Sugar Cookie tea :)

I just ate two dried apricots and now I’m getting ready to unload and load the dishwasher, vacuum the floor, and clean the kitchen and bathroom floors with my work blackberry close by ;)

Hopefully I can dig my car out tonight before Bootcamp. I really should go in to the office tomorrow.


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