I forgot to post this on Friday…oops!


I decided to work from home today (Friday) because of the storm that’s a’brewin’!

Breakfast: Overnight chia seed pudding, inspired by Gina’s recipe. Topped with some cereal and half a banana.

Big ol’ glass of Low Sodium V8 with a lot of hot sauce (x2)!

Lunch: Sandwich thin with hummus and sriracha.


I had some cereal for dinner and z made me some hot chocolate before we headed to theatre :)

It was snowing pretty good but it was only a 10 block walk, so we were fine! We saw In the Red and Brown Water at the Studio Theatre. I really enjoyed it, though there were a few vulgar parts I could have done without. z and I both have ties to New Orleans, so it was kind of neat to see a Louisiana-based play. Speaking of Louisiana…z actually ran into one of his college frat brothers at the play. He and his wife are actually from Lousiana but live in DC now! What a small world! We ended up going out for drinks with them after the show. We went to a little place called Birch & Barley. It was actually really packed for such a snowy night. z and I each had two Brooklyn Brewery Lagers before we said goodbye and made the snowy trek home.

This is such a beautiful snow! It’s supposed to continue through the night…


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