She Passed!

I woke up at 6:25 this morning and it wasn’t too painful. I guess going to bed at a decent hour and having everything ready to go helped!

I rolled out of bed, turned on the coffee pot, got dressed, took my vitamins and cut a banana into my overnight oats.

Plain FF yogurt, agave, oats, craisins, soymilk topped with pumpkin raisin cereal and half a banana. MMM :)

After breakfast I headed Southwest to get Sadie inspected. I had an appointment for 7:30 but got there at 7:15 and the guy said it didn’t really even matter if I had an appointment…so I was in and out of there before 7:30. She passed the inspection like a good little girl! Painless!

I was in the office by 8am!

Today’s lunch is Tuesday’s leftovers :) Soup, roasted carrots and sea salt bread!!

A co-work gave me some dark chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, so I had four for dessert!

I left work at 2pm to go back to SW and get my vehicle registered. I was going to do it on Saturday, but now we have an insane winter weather advisory.

I now have…

I stopped by my leasing office after I got my tags and got a permanent parking sticker. You jerks can never tow me again!

Dinner was the last bit of FF cottage cheese with sriracha, a bruschetta “burger,” and some carrots with hummus. I also had an unpicutred sandwich thin with LC and sriracha. I seriously can’t get enough…

Now I’m going to catch up on Ugly Betty and then head to my 7:30 Step class at the gym!

I may be working from snow tomorrow depending on this crazy snow storm we’re getting. Maybe z will be snowed in with me this weekend…sounds pretty cozy!! ;)


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