Soup, Snow and a Sleepover.

z called me at 5:38 last night. He never calls me while he’s still at work, so I knew he had something up his sleeve…How about dinner and a sleepover? Oh the spontaneity! :)

He stopped by the grocery store to pick up dinner supplies and headed my way. I decided to roast some carrots because they’re so delicious (oh, and because I’m working on a 10 pound bag!).

For dinner, z picked up a box of Imagine Bistro Organic Corn Chipotle Bisque, freshly baked bread topped with sea salt, and some mixed greens for a salad. He did such a good job ;)

We heated up the soup on the stove, popped the bread in the oven and sliced an apple for the salad.

Mixed greens, craisins, jonagold apple, walnuts, and honey dijon dressing.

Warm, fresh bread.

Corn bisque with hot sauce art.

My salad bowl.

Delicious dinner.

z had a black pepper crusted turkey sandwich (with a little something special).

I spy an apricot in there!

We had a really nice dinner while watching the beautiful snow fall. <3


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