Ground vs. Whole Bean

Last night I ended up eating egg whites, cottage cheese, and a TON of sriracha for dinner last night (before Bootcamp, oops). I actually had over an hour to digest which was apparently enough time. I had full energy for class and it was a tough one! Inchworms. Plyometrics. Squats. Pushups. Lunge walks. Towel body pulls. Intensity.

I used the shower at the gym for the first time because I was meeting some friends in Chinatown after class. I love that they have shampoo, conditioner and soap in every shower! I should shower there more often…

I met my friends at Fado and we just hung out while people played trivia. I drank 3/4 of a Smithwicks (I get it every time I go there) and enjoyed the company. Around 10:30…it was time to go home and get in bed! My lunch was made, breakfast stuff was on the counter and my clothes were picked out. I was asleep before 11 :)

Banana oats always make waking up easier. I love them! Today was a pretty standard mix: 1/4 cup oats, water/soy, chia seeds, CinnRais PB, and a whole banana!

I had coffee too, of course. As I finished the coffee, I realized that it didn’t taste that great. I ground the whole beans with my coffee grinder, but they don’t seem to get as fine as the ground coffee I usually buy. Because of this, I don’t think enough of the coffee flavor comes through. I’m using the beans because I have them…but I think I want to stick to buying ground coffee and use my coffee grinder for nuts and flax seeds.  Just a personal preference I guess…

hpants and I took a planned  long lunch today. We had some errands to run, lunch to eat, and Starbucks to drink. A little time away from the cube was just necessary…

My lunch salad was almost the same as yesterday except I didn’t add a pear and poured the dressing in last night.

I also had seaweed salad that I made on Sunday!

Marinade: Rice vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds, garlic, ginger, and a pinch of sugar.

Soak the seaweed. Then add the marinade.

It was a little tough to chew, but the marinade was amazing!

After lunch, we went to Starbucks :) I got a grande soy misto and a Starbucks card. I’ve been registered with Starbucks for a while, so I’m at the “Green Level” which means I get 2 hours of WiFi, free soymilk, free syrup, free drip coffee refills, and other perks!

Snack: Blueberry Chobani with almonds and a little muesli. I just realize the expiration date was yesterday…they always put a little buffer on there, right!? Right!? Hope I don’t get sick because it tastes pretty fabulous.

Now that my PM snack is gone, I’m ready to go home (as usual).

20 more minutes.

Dear Headache,

Please go away.

Love, Denise

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