White Wedding.

z made it to my house around 2:30 yesterday after having a battle with the snowy roads and ultimately having to take the bus and metro! There were no cabs in site, so we had to take the metro then walk about a half mile to DAR where the ceremony was being held.

Now, a half mile is nothing when you live in the city. HOWEVER, I was doing this half mile in lots of snow wearing a dress and high heels (peep toes, to be exact)! By the time we got there, my legs and toes were frozen, I was sweating, and my nose was running. Can we say…hot mess? We got there a little after 3 and thankfully the ceremony was delayed. I had time to go the bathroom, dry my feet, fix my hair and check my makeup. Phew.

The ceremony was short and really sweet. The couple looked fantastic and seem very happy. We headed downstairs to the reception where there was a great view of the snow :)

They had beautiful pots of hot chocolate and mulled cider. The cider was delicious and I loved being able to put a cinnamon stick in there :)

z and I didn’t eat any of the food  because we were going to dinner afterward. I only wanted cake anyway ;)  z and I split this piece and still couldn’t finish it. It was incredibly rich!

We left the ceremony around 5:30 and walked towards the metro hoping to see a cab on the way there. After a little walk we finally flagged one down! We headed to Clyde’s in Chinatown.

We were passing the monument and I couldn’t get past how beautiful it looked. z read my mind “did you want your camera?” Yes, please!

We made it to Clyde’s and it was…a show. Georgetown had just won their game at the Verizon Center and all the college kids and alums were at the bar. It looked like a zoo in there. z put our name down for a table and we went to the bar to grab a drink while we waited. We decided on Sam Adams after it took forever to change the Stella keg. We really didn’t have to wait too long for our table which was nice. Guess the college kids weren’t interested in a sit down dinner?

We shared an order of veggie spring rolls for an appetizer.

z got barbecue shrimp for an appetizer as well.

I ordered the vegetable sandwich (white bean purée, avocado, lettuce, tomato, alfalfa sprouts on toasted multigrain) with fries. It was absolutely incredible! I ate half the sandwich, some of the fries and packed the rest to-go!

z got the pork chops that came with mac-n-cheese and braised red cabbage. He let me try both sides and they were good!

z ordered another Sam Adams, but I had been craving a dirty martini, so I upgraded ;)

We were stuffed and happy, so we bundled up and prepared for our walk home. I live so close to Chinatown that it would have been a crime not to walk (even if I did think my toes were falling off). We got home, realized we hadn’t taken a picture of ourselves all dressed up, so attempted a photo shoot. None of our pictures were great so I gave up and z took the camera.

I’m not amused…

Are you done yet?

After this picture was taken, the dress and hose came off, and these babies went on my feet:

We watched an episode of Law and Order and then z gave me an incredible foot massage for being “a trooper.” I decided to give him one too…because he loves them and I love him. The end.

We had a great Saturday together :)


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